RM Consulting Services "VISION IS EVERYTHING" 

           RM Consulting Services "VISION IS EVERYTHING" 


Vision is everything 

Who are we 

RM Consulting Services - How we started
RM Consulting Services - How we started

Running a small or mid-size business is challenging because of the sheer number of tasks it takes to succeed. From accounting to human resources to technical support, it’s almost impossible for business owners to do it all themselves.
But, thanks to the ease of hiring consultants, they don’t have to

RM Consulting Services was founded in December 2020 as a need to guide small to medium businesses reach its goals and objectives.

By using our services, business owners have the time and energy to focus on furthering the objectives of their organizations and having a real impact on their industry.    

Management reporting and financial control

Human resources and staff development

marketing digital transformation or any of many other specialized fields.

Management consultants work with businesses to improve their performance by providing expert

advice to solve problems and encourage growth.

We work with businesses across a wide range of sectors,

Such as business strategy, finance, HR, marketing and even Operations. It’s not just private firms - many public organizations use management consulting to improve their practices and efficiency


Adding quality to the Multi Services Executive
Adding quality to the Multi Services Executive

To contribute to the achievement of the company's business plan objectives and the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization by:

Interpret data and analyze results to provide reports, insights, strategy, and dashboards related to company's core business 

Extract and analyze data to explain and give suggestions on how to solve complex business situations and optimize current business processes

Help in the Group budget process building business sizing forecasts and provide data driven scenarios for discussion with stakeholders to assist the CFO in operating and improving internal controls within the finance function

Work closely with management to prioritize business and information needs

Build automated reports and dashboards based on requirements for supporting operational to decision making process & carry out any other duties as may reasonably be requested by 

HR Support Services 

"The most valued asset in your company is your staff"

At RM Consulting Services we offer specialized services to generate, increase and enhance your business Our focus is to deliver an efficient business management that is both cost-effective and flexible. 

• Well equipped staff to compliment your business to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness  

• Staff recruitment and facilitating from onboarding to payroll, continuing training and certification    

Printing Print - improving Sales and marketing
Printing Print - improving Sales and marketing

Marketing, a digital strategy communications and branding

Marketing and Branding 

At Printing Print we do prints on mugs, T-shirts, cars and more. We also design logo's, flyers and business cards. We offer more services, please contact to enquire.1 Oxford Street Portland Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town, South Africa